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Mediation in the Workplace

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a dispute resolution method whereby an impartial mediator facilitates communication between those in dispute to enable them to find mutually agreed solutions. The process of mediation is highly structured and enables both parties to share, in a safe arena, how they both see the problem, and to talk through how they could positively change their situation and working relationship. The disputants themselves generate solutions which they agree to. A follow up session can be useful to see how agreements are working.

How can Mediation be used?

  • To resolve conflicts between individuals at an early stage and therefore prevent the onset of more serious organisational problems, which can result in formal adversarial disputes such as grievance,harassment and bullying charges.

  • For conflict between individuals at the same or different levels in an organisation, or between managers and teams.

  • Where possible to avoid the cost of formal procedures which can be long and drawn out and highly costly in terms of both finance, time loss and psychological distress to all the parties concerned.

  • Where formal procedures are necessary, mediation can be used to facilitate the best possible return to work for both parties following a dispute.

    What type of organisations can benefit from Mediation?

    Any organisation of any size and type can benefit from access to mediation.

    Small family businesses often face the particular pressures of working with close family members. Conflict can threaten the success of the family business so swift resolution of difficulties can really make a difference.

    Large organisations in both the public and private sector can use mediation to avoid the negative consequences of formal proceedings. However by dealing with disputes more effectively they can move towards building a non-blame, positive working environment.

    Academic institution of all kinds can use mediation as a more creative way of managing conflict and improving communication.

    Conflict Management skills for Managers, Supervisors and Heads of Department

    This is a one to one coaching service which enables you to develop the skills to handle workplace conflict at an early stage and prevent the escalation of grievances. You can use it to discuss a difficult situation that has arisen or to reflect on a difficult situation in the past and therefore gain skills to help prevent further conflicts arising. Skills involved include:

  • Dealing with difficult people and situations

  • Recognising and handling strong emotions such as anger

  • Communicating fairly and effectively with staff,colleagues and managers

  • Being clear on what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace

  • Using assertiveness skills effectively

  • Assessing when to use an external mediation service

    Please contact me to discuss informally your concerns regarding conflicts in your workplace and how mediation or coaching for conflict resolution can help you.

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